I recently stumbled upon an old project I forgot I built. As a personal exercise, I coded a basic replica of Apple's iPhone calculator, in Javascript, from scratch. I'm posting it here for my own reference: the live calculator and the Gitbhub repository.

Underline is an app I often wish I had when reading a paper book. Yes, I do read on Kindle, and have become rather a sparse consumer of physical books out of care for the planet. But, every once in a while, I’ll treat myself to a flesh-and-bone book to go through the joy of underlining great thoughts, encircling interesting ideas, and annotating my own takes on the margins.

Often, I find myself wanting a single-purpose piece of software that uses the might of text recognition but only on underlined text. A simple app to bring the incredible power of the digital marginalia into the magical world of a physical book.

Firstly, let's reduce all controls in the mobile browser to one single button—like the iPhone did to the mobile keyboard—and have it be the central access point to all controls; from the url input to tabs and sharing.

Secondly, let's give websites a solution to manage and distribute announcements without them becoming a nuisance on screen.

Third and lastly, on websites that take proper advantage of the heading system, let's incorporate the headings into the scroll bar. This so that I can scroll up to a specific section of the website without having to keep going all the way to the top.

A pitch I developed for a friend setting up a venture capital network to pair first-time founders with investors and entrepreneurs. The pitch itself is confidential, but including here some of the surrounding work.