Ballet is beautiful because of the opposing tension in a contorting body. It seems as if the leg is twisting to the left, but it is also, in fact, moving toward the right. A comedian's joke is funniest when delivered with deadpan seriousness; it's her seriousness that makes it funny. A piece of art is captivating when it's both familiar and foreign. We're drawn by what seems almost like...but not quite.

This ambiguity also exists in our interior reality; we have contradicting personality traits, our interests are at odds, our goals collide. Some days we wake up painters, on other days, poets and scientists. My intuition tells me that these nonsensical contradictions might be what makes life beautiful—as it does ballet, a joke, or a piece of art. I find this possibility invigorating. When my day feels confusing and my interests unruly, I tell myself: embrace ambiguity.