A limited collection of 8 pieces exploring an interplay between geometric, architectural form and the organic movement of water. This collection was posted on OpenSea, and this post is a short backstory.

I've been playing with black ink for quite some time; I do it out of pure pleasure, to get away from the computer, and because I've appreciated having an art practice for most of my adult life. That being said, I've never been captivated by the prospect of being a "gallery artist," so much so that in my early 20s, I dropped out of fine arts university to become a self-taught techie. I make art for myself all the while spending my days captured by the joy of design, code, computers, and the internet.

What I find awesome about NFTs is the possibility to give a digital home to my work. This particular collection, while digital, was first developed in the studio by hand. The motion of water was a result of trial and error—a discovery. Once completed, I took the work to the computer and gave it digital form.

The final artifact is an SVG files that can simply remain as part of an NFT collection or readopted into the physical world. It can be blown-up for a wall space or scaled down for a tattoo. I included my artist tag as it's always been a part of the work.